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Cael acoustics


Brand and product design for high end hand made loundspeakers

cael acoustics logo

The Challenge

A good friend of mine asked me to create a brand for his hand made spherical loudspeakers. He named it “cael acoustics” and my task was to create a logo which would communicate his philosophy about the best source of sound – a sphere. I ended up creating a landing page, icons to emphasize features of product and stands for his speakers.


I started with the mind mapping and selected a few keywords which later gave me ideas how to shape the logo:

Pic 1. Mindmap for logo design

Next came the sketching phase. I brainstormed ideas until I felt that I had the right one:

Pic 2. Logo sketches

Final logo

The logo consists of an icon and a wordmark. The icon is needed to communicate a sphere as a perfect case for sound source and at the same time to complement the title. While sketching it became clear that the icon will consist of a sphere and sound waves. Their relationship had to be harmonious and continuous. A final logo:

cael acoustics logo

Custom icons for website

Subsequently, I designed the feature icons for product landing page. The icons were to be placed near feature descriptions on landing page and were functioning as a visual aid helping to engage visitors with the content.

Pic 3. Icon sketches

Cael acoustics icons

Pic 4. Icons as a visual aid to communicate features of product

Speaker stands

Next, I started sketching various stand ideas. The stand had to be as transparent visually as possible yet it had to be strong enough to support a 12 kg loudspeaker reliably.

Pic 5. Sketches for loudspeaker stands

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